ty-lucas kelley

developer / musician / educator

a bit about me

Hi, thanks for stopping by! Here's a bit about me:

what's going on now

I'm a second-year computer science student at UMass Amherst. My undergraduate career was kicked off at the University of Rochester, but I took a semester off before transferring, to work at both Hasbro and Udacity. Outside of school, here's what I'm up to:

  • Building a hacker community at UMass
  • Working remotely for Udacity as a Course Manager
  • Meeting cool students, professors, and startup founders
  • Designing the curriculum for a summer software engineering camp in my hometown

I'm also reading these books:

  • Zero to One, by Peter Thiel
  • Benjamin Franklin, by Walter Isaacson
  • Reinventing Bach, by Paul Elie

As far as what's next, I'll be returning to Onshape as a JavaScript developer over the summer.


I love to make computer programs. To me, finishing a software project is like solving a puzzle or winning a game. You can find out more about my technology-related endeavors on my blog, projects list, or GitHub profile.

When I'm not programming, I can probably be found:

  • Doing something musical
  • Reading a book, news article, or blog post
  • Watching a New England Patriots game
  • Debating anything from politics to Kanye West

work and education

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about school and work! Résumés are available upon request.